The Angel City All Star Brass Band – Sidama De Cali


I’m ecstatic to announce the debut single under my own name featuring The Angel City All Star Brass Band. Sidama De Cali is a 50/50 blend of Ethiopian and Colombian music inspired by custom coffee blends that I brew. The mixtures of music from various cultures are just as delicious and unifying as the subtle tones and hints that I sip on at home. The lovely Jazz & Milk label has decided to feature my track on a new compilation titled Footprints. Sidama… is the inspiration for my Ethiopian-Jazz ensemble Ethio Cali and is interpreted by my 21-piece horn and percussion Banda.Continue reading “The Angel City All Star Brass Band – Sidama De Cali”

Ethio Cali Back Inna Studio

That’s right! Ethio Cali went back to Flying Carpet Studios for another day of live to tape recording. This time with friends Justo Almario and Damon Aaron. I cannot wait to share this incredible music with the world.