The Angel City All Star Brass Band – Sidama De Cali


I’m ecstatic to announce the debut single under my own name featuring The Angel City All Star Brass Band. Sidama De Cali is a 50/50 blend of Ethiopian and Colombian music inspired by custom coffee blends that I brew. The mixtures of music from various cultures are just as delicious and unifying as the subtle tones and hints that I sip on at home. The lovely Jazz & Milk label has decided to feature my track on a new compilation titled Footprints. Sidama… is the inspiration for my Ethiopian-Jazz ensemble Ethio Cali and is interpreted by my 21-piece horn and percussion Banda.Continue reading “The Angel City All Star Brass Band – Sidama De Cali”

Ethio Cali Back Inna Studio

That’s right! Ethio Cali went back to Flying Carpet Studios for another day of live to tape recording.┬áThis time with friends Justo Almario and Damon Aaron. I cannot wait to share this incredible music with the world.